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So, why can’t I get anything more interesting? I thought inter-House warfare and politics would come up. Are those type of contracts not out yet?

For the worldmap upate we only managed to properly implement 9 Contracts. We are working hard to get more in, there are 11 more designed and written. They just have to be implemented which sometimes is tricky as we have to bend or manipulate existing game mechanics.

1. The Goblins are very hard.

We are on the case and are pondering various ways how to best solve this.

I can’t find a town that sells a quiver of crossbow bolts.

I’ll check in on that, didnt have the problem yet. Let me know if more people experience this.

3. I love the patrol missions. It’s a license to do what I’ve been doing anyway, which is killing bandit parties of 5-7 thugs, but getting paid 110 crowns per head. I’ve made a killing on these patrol missions.

The patrols are still getting tweaks, as its pretty complex: The random generated world in conjunction with the very flexible patrol contract. It’s working okay allthough we are not perfectly happy with it yet.

4. I’m still looking for endgame.

We regret that there is no real endgame yet, but we have to build this up from the ground, so our focus is still constructing a solid foundation on which we can expand the game unitl we reach a real endgame. I know it’s frustrating, but we need to ask for some more patience in this regard :)
We already have the plans and concepts, but as I said, we are still solidifiing the foundation at this moment.

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