Reply To: World Map Update( 29/02/2016).Discussion

Avatar photokingslomein

1. The Goblins are very hard. Several factors come into play here. First, my guys can’t get close without getting shot or netted. And that’s key to beating the goblins, getting close to them. It seems almost impossible to take on a goblin force larger than my own. I can’t get close without losing a quarter of my strength. Second, my archers are no use against them. And third, my chances of actually hitting them when I get close is less than a human opponent.

Yes the goblins are hard. But they aren’t that bad if you know a few tricks. Fighting them at night makes there archers switch to melee 8 times out of 10. When I do this I have my archers switch to pole-arms and seem to be able to cut through goblins like butter. However I’ll admit getting caught in the daylight buy a pack of goblins is the worst.