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Most of my mercs dont have any traits at all. But I have dudes called “the Tiny”, “the Bloodthirsty” (died today, unfortunately) and I have another noble who will be captain one day, his name will be Captain Sir (…), dont know his name on top of my head right now.

Nice idea with the place you hired them from. I also wrote the levels behind their name, it looks bad but it helps. So now I know the brawler I lost today was already level 6.

I usually have 6 front liners with shields and then 6 pikemen who can equip shields if they are engaged in melee or if the enemy team has archers. I feel like if you proceed in the game archers get less and less useful because with better helmets they will have really bad vision so doing ranged combat seems kinda fruitless. How do you do it?