Reply To: Different campaigns

Avatar photoSky

The thing with BB is that it already is a great platform for any setting. You could easily make it a sci fi futuristic alien battelfield, even a space game. You can get it back to the stone age with tribal warfare. Can change up the mercanaries with tanks for example or mechas. The core concept of BB is extremely strong, and can be reskinned, remodded, dlcd, cloned, etc. in anything realy. And it is fantastic. I’m more than sure if there will be modding aviable some heavy mods will come out. Giving new fresh breaths with every “remake”.

As for the non human races of the current BB setting. This question was asked in many forms and variables, from being able to recruit extra rare non human followers up to playing with different faction. If I remember correct the devs answer was always a full no, being too different of their artistic view of the game. Low fantasy world seen and experienced thru a human mercenary group. Even tho I’d like to see the other sides too, I can understand why it won’t be in the vanilla game or dlcs. And here comes the modding again, if it will be added with good enought mod support then anything is possible. I’d like to see the BB project to go on as it is done by the devs, with DLCs they have in mind, continuing the world they created. And at the same time I sure will welcome overhauling mods since that will make BB be a million games in one.

About the expansion content, there were some posts from devs about the first dlc being an arabic like setting. But that was over a year ago and lots of things changed since then so probably not valid anymore.