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    Avatar photoSkyrar

    Because wow I’m getting owned …
    What are good tactics?
    How do I attack caravans?
    Can I build castles?
    How do I defeat orcs and their strange pounce – stun- kill attack?
    I need heeelp. :)

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    Tactics: Use shields, wear armor, get your max fatique and melee rating up. For the fighting try to watch some lets plays. Most of the time you will see how not to do it but learn from it.
    Caravans cannot be attacked. Atleast not now. Not sure if it will be possible in the future.
    No you cannot build castles.
    Orcs are some of the hardest enemies. Atleast the mature one. The young orcs are something between bandid thugs and raiders. To avoid their charge you have two possible ways. Wait the first turn til they close in on you. They are not near enough to reach you at that time. When they all had their turn, move you mercs on them. As soon as they are in you zone of control they cannot charge anymore. The other way is pulling back to get into a better defensive position. Use chokepoints on the map if possible or higher ground. They might stun you but have a hit penalty.

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    Avatar photoIndus

    Starting out I’ve found that equipping your starting brothers as well as you can is the best bet. I’ve had good luck with spears and shields at the start. Your Brother’s melee skill is extremely low at the start, and while big damage is sexy, being able to hit enemies and overwhelm them is important in the beginning. As far as armor goes, I’ve found spending the majority of your starting money getting your starting brothers well equipped. This means buy up the aketon, or the mail shirt if available. Grab whatever low end helmets are available. After that’s all settled grab the lowest cost merc available. Lean towards Daytalers and Farmhands and hope your new Brother’s aren’t dodgey as far as perks.

    Always friendly. From what I’ve gathered these are what determine what equipment is available in towns so even if you could pillage them you would be shooting yourself in the foot. Although playing the heel would be fun.

    Like Malthus said you can’t take them over or build them. It would be excellent if you could grab land and transform from a minor military band into a full fledged power in the region.

    Again like Malthus mentioned avoiding orcs is best until you have a full band that’s both experienced and well equipped. Some Orc Young can be fought relatively early if you have a few experienced (4-5 level 2-4) Brothers and some spears. Keep your Brothers close enough to support each other when they inevitably get charged. Use of Shieldwall + Spearwall perks can give you free damage on charging Orcs. Or keep them out entirely if you’re lucky on rolls. Once they’re in, I’ve relied heavily on spears and overwhelm bonus. Impale them with a spearman, then have a heavier hitting Brother (one with an axe, sword, or two handed weapon) come in to lay on the pain. Also, if you figure out the positioning, you can engage on an Orc before he even charges, normally this means you’re in his face without an attack or shieldwall on, but you aren’t stunned either. Only do that if you’re confident your Brother can take a hit though.

    Have fun experimenting with them and find out what works for you though.

    PS Withered Vampires are literally hellspawn.

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    Play the scenario’s if you’re having trouble with the battle. They help you get a feel for the combat and how to survive the battles. As for the fights themselves, pay close to your position so as to minimise the effectiveness of the first round of actual combat. For example: you can move your units so that they are within range of the enemy, but if enemy moves to engage they’ll lack the AP to attack (2-3 hexes should do). Also pay attention to what gear they are equipped with and match your mercs accordingly – against an axe wielding bandit you’ll want to avoid having to rely on a shield, while a shieldwall + riposte is great against werewolves. Gear is also crucial so salvaging it can make a big difference – weapons that can ignore armour are a great way to score some nice armour early on (dagger, knife, etc.). Feel free to play around with the different weapons as all of them have their uses and some might suit your playstyle better than others.

    As for Orcs, you can also repel their charge by putting up a spearwall. You’ll want to avoid fighting Orcs until your confident about dealing with bandits and such though. Good armour helps a lot in weathering their charge, as does having higher levels.

    There’s also no shame in starting at easy and working your way up from there. Difficulty alters the amount of gold you start with, but nothing else. You therefore get a flying start with good gear and lots of recruits, so you can make more mistakes. As you get better, you’ll be less reliant on those, so you can move up to higher difficulties.

    This thread also has some good tips, just read past the arguing.

    Hope that helps. :)

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    Great to have such a helpful community coming into existance :)
    Thanks guys!

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    Tactics depend on what kind of enemy you fight with.

    General tips:

    – Do try to use at least one hit on any enemy if you have a few other guys around the target. It’ll give you bonus to hit (called Overwhelm).
    – Axes are great against shields, but bigger shields (like the ones the orcs are using) require bigger axes (battle axes are perfect, hatchets and basic axes are only good at the begining, against medium shields).
    – Two-handed guys should wear something better than a chainmail or they should kill enemy as fast as possible. Chainmail doesn’t last long against certain enemies and two-handed guys have no shield to boost their defense.
    – A billhook or two are good way to support your battleline as they can reach two tiles away or move once and attack.
    – Try to cause panic in your enemy’s ranks. Lowering morale gets them penalties and you bonuses, also fleeing enemies means free hits and can even cause a chain reaction.
    – Don’t try to hit at all cost. Sometimes it’s better to save stamina instead of wasting it on some low chance of hitting. That stamina can be then used for something later on (a shieldwall, or an attack when rest of your men will come in to assist, etc.).

    On werewolves:

    I’d advise going entirely on the offense. Just try to kill as many of them as quickly as possible, to not allow them land their 3 hits per turn. A combination of shields and spears or swords seems to work great here. Spears allow you to use a spearwall and maybe land a few hits before they close in, swords will turn any miss into an attack and werewolves do tend to miss a lot. Experienced archers (or lucky ones) can help from afar, but you can also give them billhook to help at the front when arrows are spent or if situation demands extra bodies in the zone. Try to set up as good as you can to defend against their numbers too. Not always possible, but it can happen, especially in the swamp or forest.

    On orcs:

    Use weapons that can break shields and armor easily: battle axes, warhammers, two-handed swords or axes or flail (it bypasses a shield). Once shields and armor are gone orcs don’t have that much life. You should be using shields better than a standard round shields, otherwise orcs will deal with them in 2-3 hits and once your shield is gone your armor won’t last long. Try to set up kills for your heavy hitters as they can do some serious damage against them (provided you have men equipped properly with sturdy armor and a two-handed weapons).

    On undead

    Lost Souls are tricky – spears tend to work best on them, but basically anything that has high percentage of chance to hit is welcome. One you hit them they’re gone. Just try to avoid sending two-handers in. Their armor won’t matter. Lost Souls bypass armor and once your men start to flee they’ll get a lot of free hits. Improving your morale or getting certain perks helps against them.

    Wiedergangers require some proper stamina management. Undead don’t get tired and don’t panic, they can also raise again after you killed them. Your own men can raise as well to get some payback on you. Try not to spend stamina carelessly or you’ll find yourself overwhelmed quickly (and once you do it can go downhill fast from there). If fighting skeletons do keep in mind that they are resistant to weapons such as spears or swords. Try to use bashing weapons or stronger axes.

    Avatar photoSky

    Well since most of the points are pointed out all I can add is…
    Chose your enemy wisely, it is better to let those orcs to raid a village than to be massacred yourself. It is no shame to run from the werewolves when they clearly overpower you. Don’t be the hero you are not, if you want to get rid of bandits in a region look around in villages for proper jobs so you get even more out of the fights. It is not shameful to accompant the guards and fight on their side, you will get the experience and even loot a more safe way, besides you get the feel for bigger battles that personally I find quite nice. You are a mercanary in a deadly world, why take a caravan escort mission throught an enemy territory when you can take the other one that is safe and has a low chance to be ambushed.

    In battles shields save lives, get them, get them all. Don’t shot the enemy who is surrounded by your troops, most probably you will hit your comrade in the back, perhaps even kill. When equiping your sellswords, and leveling stats, do try to have a minimum of 60-70 fatigue so you will be able to execute at least 2-3 special weapon skills like spearwall or riposte. Stamina management is the most important, going heavy armor as soon as possible is not the right way, you will end up without stamina just a sandbag for enemies to punch. You can test your stamina management againt undead armies, huge wiederganger hordes will show you all the errors you still have, be warned tho they are deadly if you run out of stamina.

    Have back up equipment, since the weapons and shields break in battle. Nothing is worse than to be in the perfect spot with a broken weapon. Even at the worst cases, remember you can pick items up from the ground! You can freely switch between items in inventory at any pont, doing so will cost you 4ap / item if you do not have the utility perks. Especially important in long battles against armored enemies as orcs. Always remember, here are no predestined character classes or roles, you can always have a weapon set for a different role or purpose. Do not have axes to destroy shields, use flails to igneore them instead. Archers are making it hard for you, switch to back up tower shields. Spearwall done it’s work but now you neeed damage, get out that other weapon of your belt. Archers ran out of arrows, it is ok just swith to the other quiver from your backpack. It is one of the things I love about this game, you can play as you want without limitations, most items and skills are viable or you can makem them to be.

    Avatar photoSkyrar

    Nice, thank you all very much. I’ll now start my next try, equipped with all this knowledge and see how it works out.

    Avatar photoscreeg

    One more point: use the delayed action to your advantage. First, I often wait for all my enemies to move first, unless I get a clear ranged shot right away.

    Second, if you have an adjacent unit ready to take a swing, think about delaying his action if you can first move others into proximity to surround the enemy, and also if a different unit has the opportunity to stun him, break his shield or wear down his armor before you strike.

    Also don’t be afraid to play on Easy for awhile until you get the mechanics down. Normal from the start is bloody unforgiving.

    Avatar photoJayneCobb88

    A major portion of the game is economics.
    Base prices of items change based upon difficulty so when in the store mouse over them to determine how good of a deal you’re getting.
    After looting a battlefield don’t just sell everything, repair equipment and then sell it. Use the money to purchase more tools. You’ll wind up with a larger profit than if you just sold the damaged items. However, a few items are not worth the effort. Clubs, knives, daggers and any armor with a lower rating than 55 should be sold outright.
    Early game, don’t sell the daggers or scramasax you come across. As a secondary weapon they cost 0 or 2 fatigue and your troops can overwhelm a heavily armored foe to land their special Punch attacks, bypassing the armor and allowing you to loot it.

    Avatar photoManaSeed

    I apologize in advance if I’m mentioning stated/redundant points because I didn’t read any post (except the first) in this thread. I’m new to this game so I wanna explore the game myself. Also, I’m kinda noob in strategy game like this so don’t expect reliable ideas.

    0) Why can they own me while we’re both wearing the same thing?
    –> Are you sure you’re wearing the same gear? Did you pay attention to the way they move and strike? Try and mimic your human enemies. You will pick up a lot of essential basic stuff.
    1) pick your fight –> Though not stated, you have “The Hedgehog” passive buff. On world map, you always move slightly faster than any other unit. So you can outrun/bully anyone of your choice. But you have to pay attention when you approach forest, as units in forest can only be detected when you’re very near. Yes, it might be too late to turn back when you noticed them, so be ready to press pause.

    2) picked the wrong fight –> somehow the randomly generated terrain doesn’t suit your taste or you’ve just found out that 1 orc is as strong as 2.5 human, load game or retreat. DO NOT fight a battle which you think there is 75% chance to lose.

    3) if you can’t beat em, join…. -> Ahem, join ANOTHER team. Run for the nearest guard tower, they will deploy “the punishers” if hostile unit is nearby. Are punishers really punishing? Can they be defeated? IF they’re defeated………. the guard tower will deploy another team of punisher until………. the enemy is punished. If you’re too weak to kill steal for exp in the co-op battle, you can still obtain equipments if your side emerge victorious.

    3b) I like popcorns and I insist to see caravans suffer –> lure an enemy unit into the caravan, now sit back and watch. (I’ve never tried this myself, it’s too inhumane)

    4) why do you need archers? –> They have low DPS and you always have to protect them. But sometimes, God of Terrain favors you. Your team might appear on high hills (by the time enemy detours to your picnic location, half of them is dead. But this only applies to light armored enemy.) or natural tree fortress (with very few entrance to guard). IMO, make ¼ of your team as archers is a good idea in mid phase of the game, before your team turn into heavy armored units or armorless berserkers/assassins(melee unit with perk Perfect Focus)

    5) watch your steps –> all friends and foes can move 4 grids/steps per turn (except werewolf). If you stand at the 4th grid in front of an enemy, he can only get close with insufficient AP to attack you. This will enable you to have far better planning in battle.

    6) I noticed the armor breaking wpn is only good at breaking armor –> yes, you’re right. I can tell you slashing wpn will not harm armor much too. In order to kill enemy efficiently, you need two types of weapon. You can assign half of your melee units to equip armor breaking wpn. Or, get both Quick Hands & Bag and Pelts perks. This is more devastating than any first tier perk in offense category.

    7) Shift the frontline –> The “frontline” enables your unit to face a maximum of 2 enemy units. Of course, if you feel lucky today you can cope 6 enemies with a unit with Shieldwall. Why do you need to control the frontline? Because enemy is a tactic genius. They tend to swarm towards the upper/lower end of your frontline OR the weak spot of your frontline (your fragile units included archers and units without shields). It’s very clever as they bully your vulnerable units with larger numbers and rendering your ace melee units unproductive. So make sure you adjust the frontline or formation timely.

    8) I’m a tactician but also The Manager –> Reload the game when stats gained is not quite favorable. Expel the high level faithful buddy who fought life and death battles with you, if he has low stats at level 1. Replace his position with a genius (with high stats at lv 1). Why do I have to do these painstaking and cruel things? Because this is the only way to the Ultimate Team.

    9) I insisted to fight orcs anyway, even I’m not a fan of LOTR –> you knew orcs warriors have A LOT of head+body armor, a lot of hp, and with devastating wpn. Ranged units have no way to defeat them (only scratch the orcs a little before death arrives). You must rely on melee units. The core essence of melee battle is, let’s see who have better weapons and armors, and nobody is going to stop until someone dies. Because AoC(Area of Control) system doesn’t allow you to leave (or it’s not wise to leave). Long story short, your units need to reach certain level, picked the correct perks, and has sufficient armor in order to defeat the orcs. So you can only overpower them, but not outwit them.

    Avatar photoSky

    8) I’m a tactician but also The Manager –> Reload the game when stats gained is not quite favorable.

    You sure about the tactitian and manager? Seems like a plain save scumer to me. Worst possible tip of the century. Don’t do it. It will ruin the fun and flow of the game.

    Avatar photoManaSeed

    8) I’m a tactician but also The Manager –> Reload the game when stats gained is not quite favorable.

    You sure about the tactitian and manager? Seems like a plain save scumer to me. Worst possible tip of the century. Don’t do it. It will ruin the fun and flow of the game.

    I’m not sure but I think it will reduce the chances of getting owned, as original poster requested. Max stats growth is 200% of min stats growth.

    No offense but I think you’re kinda harsh towards the original poster. It’s like asking him not to load the game after being wiped out in a battle. If you can load game after being wiped out……. Why can’t you load game after +2, +2, +2 catastrophe? They key is, don’t overdo it like an obsessive fool (except for OCD or perfectionist). You should only delete your saved game after you’re wiped out like, 3 times. This is what I deem fair to the original poster.

    Hey, I can’t edit my previous post… so I’ll leave this here. Engage battle near town enables militita to join your battle. Someone has to die in war, but it doesn’t have to be your men.

    Avatar photoGOD

    It depends on what playstyle you’re comfortable with. Me, I wouldn’t recommend reloading too much since it can get frustrating if you repeatedly fail anyway and with stat-gains tending to even out as you level up. I can see how people would reload a lot though, especially in the early game, to make sure they’ve got good mercs.

    Yeah, it seems a bit random when you can and can’t edit. I think it’s either related to how much time has passed or whether you’ve logged out since then.

    Interesting note about fighting near cities, by the way. A town expends resources to create militia, resources that are recouped for any that survive the battle. So using the militia too much can result in the town weakening over time and less goods becoming available. It’s still a good strategy when you’re not confident that you can take an enemy, but there’s definitely advantages to taking them on yourself (if you win ;) ).

    Avatar photoJayneCobb88

    I’m a huge fan of the Quick Hands utility perk. Most people give 2-hander troops either the billhook, great sword or large axe. I would recommend giving them Quick Hands and 2 2-handed weapons, one being the billhook. I can’t even guess the number of times an enemy was 2 spaces away, effectively neutralizing my 2-hander for 1 turn. But with quick hands and a billhook in reserve you can still make an attack. It also allows your 2-hander to keep a safe distance from orc warriors and remain useful.

    Quick Hands also makes your archers tough and downright vicious. There is a lot of perk overlap between an offensive archer build and a 2-hander build. So at level up I increase both ranged and melee attack and then alternate between initiative and stamina. At level 4 or 5 give your archer the Quick Hands and a Great Sword. A Great Sword because it hits hard enough to destroy nearly any armor, is the most versatile large weapon, has increased accuracy, has light stamina cost for a large weapon, does the most HP damage and leaves 1 item slot open for an extra quiver. Enemy usually have to move 3 or more spaces to get at your archer which gives you a turn to switch weapons and lop off their head. Leather armor works for this type of archer but basic chain or full chain are best. There is now less danger in closing to within 2 spaces of the enemy (usually just behind your front lines) and taking advantage of your 50% damage close combat archery bonus. It also eliminates the need for the archer to equip a billhook. In one fight I had an archer kill 2 ghouls before switching to his great sword and going on to kill another 4 undead by himself. The last 2 advantages this archer build provides are that enemy archers are less likely to move out of 4 space melee range vs your archer which allows you to quickly switch weapons and close the distance, avoiding a long chase. And in reverse the enemy will expend all of their action points to close with your archer, sometimes putting themselves at the bottom of an elevation change or another terrible position which allows for a powerful first strike or a quick surround by your other units.

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