Reply To: New lvl up stat distribution system

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Personally, I think about it for a long time

Suggestion №…

I am very pleased that such proposals appears more and more.
I am opposed to rng as such. I do not like that my tactical game determines random. both in the lvl up system and the start battles – there is generally a complete disgrace. your tactical decision to influence the outcome of the fight is minimal. You can miss 6 times by enemy, who standing on the lower level with a chance of 70%, and he will hit you 2 times in the head with a raised shield. Your mercenary 2 times can hit the opponent’s helmet which is left no more body armor and 1 HP. Because so decided random and rng – no let me much longer to decide by myself, ok?
In short – I like your proposal. All of which makes this a perfect game less random and more tactics – I like.