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Trees and stones look perfect! But I think the border between green and red grass too harsh/sharp.

the atmosphere of the tundra ( in this case, the average or south) – contrast color

My thoughts exactly. Most landscapes actually have that sharp of a demarcation between either different plants, or areas killed off by disease or pests.
Paul, what has really impressed me all along is how you manage to keep the battle landscape from looking too hexagonal.

I haven’t seen any of the weird lakes. I imagine that sort of thing is hard to ferret out. (Hmmm … ferret … related to SKUNKS! Unsubtle hint! :-P Don’t make me mention how I got the developers edition right off, and how many times I’ve gifted this game! ;-) Well, don’t pay attention to that. If you do include the stinky critter as a banner option, it should be because you liked the suggestion, and it doesn’t wildly clash with the vision you guys have.)

That opening landscape reminds me so much of late afternoon looking out over Lake Erie, or Lake Ontario. Also, the sky treatment reminds me a little of the Hudson Valley School. Sweet job.

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