Reply To: Size and Troop Quality of enemy parties

Avatar photoMerlion74

Hi Sky and Baranguc,
Thank you for your input and advice.

I must admit that the original reason for wanting to dismiss my warband was because I wanted to rebuild my warband as I wanted to re-do the stats increase.

However another interesting reason why I decided to do it is to understand the ‘spawning mechanics’ better if the game eventually has an Ironman mode and I lose many brothers in a fight and I do not want to restart.

Would it not be cool to have an achievement of last man standing and you can rebuild your warband even with 1 man standing? Just like one of the characters currently in game that says he has inherited the equipment from his father and decides to become a merc.

So last night, I decided to experiment dismiss 11 mercs and keep 1 level 4 Brother.I hire another 6 level 1 brothers to join him. So far I have not had much time to test yet and had only completed 1 contract to clear 17 ghouls in a cemetery. Incidentally, this contract is one of my current favourite for low level bands. My in-game time is at Day 63 (challenging mode). I will need to play more contracts and see more roving bandits and orcs to understand the spawning mechanics.