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    So, I bought this during the recent steam sale, and I have to say so far it’s proven to be quite the addictive little game. My first impression is that it still needs significantly more content to be really worth the money, but even so, not half-bad for an early-access indie title. Good job, devs!

    With regards to the actual gameplay, after having spent some time leveling my first group of fearless mercenaries, I have a question: I’ve noticed that the roving bands of bandit raiders… are actually roving bands of raiders no, with bandit thugs seemingly having vanished completely after the first few hours of gameplay. I’m not entirely sure, but I think their numbers (both men per group and number of groups) have also increased?

    So what precisely determines what kind of enemies spawn on the map? Is it my renown? Hours played? Are enemies spawned spcifically to oppose me whenever I accept a contract, and if yes, then what factor does their level of strength depend on? Is there any point to intentionally failing contracts to keep renown relatively low, or would only mean sabotaging myself?

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    If it did not change since the mechanics of spawning enemies is the following. There are enemy camps that are active, creating groups that will go out and ravage the land. When there is enought “goods” ravaged they return and deliver em to their camp. When that reaches a certain resourse number they will spawn a big group that will go and create a new camp in that region. The more resource the camps have the stronger troops they produce. So with time going on and camps not being destroyed the amount and strenght of the spawned enemies will grow constantly. This was the mechanic from what I understood.

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    Interesting sharing. After reading this forum, I think I have built the stats of my mercs the wrong way. But I don’t really want to restart. My question is this:

    If I sack all my experienced Mercs (say level 5 to 6) and hire 12 Level 1 Mercs. Will the enemies spawn accordingly to Level 1 Mercs or they will spawn according to the previous set of mercs at Level 5?

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    Dont worry about builts. As the game progress you have to repleace your low tier background mercs with the higer tier ones. I dont think its wise to dismiss your band and replace with lv1 ones.

    Avatar photoSky

    No, the world progress will continue and won’t be downgraded at a mass. Tho you can influence certain regions by destroying all the camps, that will slow that non playable faction.

    As for the stats. I can’t say there is a right way to lvl them so obviously there is no wrong way either. There are “limitless” possibilities of equip perks and stats and all can be valid if you are able to make a good tactic around them. A group of weaker backgrounds can fight thru most of the things that you encounter. You will eventually lose some anyway if you don’t load up every time some1 dies ofc. There is a natural flow of personnel. Eventually all your people can be the best backgrounds that you can ever wish for.

    Dismissing a whole band is a suicide.

    Avatar photoMerlion74

    Hi Sky and Baranguc,
    Thank you for your input and advice.

    I must admit that the original reason for wanting to dismiss my warband was because I wanted to rebuild my warband as I wanted to re-do the stats increase.

    However another interesting reason why I decided to do it is to understand the ‘spawning mechanics’ better if the game eventually has an Ironman mode and I lose many brothers in a fight and I do not want to restart.

    Would it not be cool to have an achievement of last man standing and you can rebuild your warband even with 1 man standing? Just like one of the characters currently in game that says he has inherited the equipment from his father and decides to become a merc.

    So last night, I decided to experiment dismiss 11 mercs and keep 1 level 4 Brother.I hire another 6 level 1 brothers to join him. So far I have not had much time to test yet and had only completed 1 contract to clear 17 ghouls in a cemetery. Incidentally, this contract is one of my current favourite for low level bands. My in-game time is at Day 63 (challenging mode). I will need to play more contracts and see more roving bandits and orcs to understand the spawning mechanics.

    Avatar photoMerlion74

    Hi all,

    I thought I should get back and report back my short experiment. I rehire 12 new level 1 brothers at Day 63 and played until Day 85. I only managed to complete 6 contract. 3 contracts were patrol, 2 were delivery and 1 was to clear cemetery.
    My new recruits were modestly equipped with hand-me-downs from the previous bath but definitely better off when compared to brand new mercs.
    I found that Sky’s comments were correct in that world progress continued and I had a lot of difficulties clearing global spawns (with multiple reloads).If I can clear the battles with only 2 or 3 casualties, I don’t reload. Needless to say I spent a fair amount of gold rehiring.

    As to whether the contract difficulty scales – I am not so sure. My last contract was a delivery with 1240 gold as a reward. It turned out that the cargo had a bunch of undead – 17 of them with 14 skeleton/skeleton guards and 3 Fallen By then my mixture of Level 1, 2 and 3 were not enough.

    so my conclusion is if I ever had a bad fight in Iron man mode and only got 1 or 2 mercs left after a tough fight. I would probably restart. Unless the scaling mechanics for contract can be more accurate. Otherwise it will be very time consuming to level up entire brand new warbands mid-game.

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    There are ways to survive but it is extremely hard especially when the game has been going for longer period. You have to chose very carefully what jobs you take and what is better left alone. If the scenario where you survive with 1-2 guys occures you should fill up the ranks asap, you should to that in any case, an additional member is worth lot more than an armor or a weapon. The hard part will be to lvl them properly. Or you can go safe and make them all shielded with perk for armor and the lowering armor damage one. They will die off eventually.

    I’d say this kind of scenario is the ultimate challenge in a long ongoing game. I still ahve to experience it after the worldmap path tho, but encountering it a year back was very exciting in a good way.

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