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Avatar photoBinkus

Mt team tried and tested and the most fun for me is 12 identically equipped bros

12 Billhook 12 x bow 12 x daggers they will take care of anything and be able to back each other up against individual enemies very easily with 2 range

the beauty of these guys is the xbow for 2 ap then quick hands to billhook for another attack on enemy charge

cons: major cost to ammunition, getting hold of 12 xbows was a 40 day challenge in game

some may say that missile troops cause a problem but you are churning return fire that it really isnt

Goblins are the easiest enemy to beat with this setup, Orcs hit hard and can cause you problems

the only force that is a bit of a pain is skeletons (when did they get so good?) skellies render your xbows useless and it is chop up time at the bone farm