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    I am finding that 5 shields, 2 twohandes on the flanks, 3 pikes and 2 crossbowmen just ruin everything. Orcs are no problem, even with berserkers and warriors. With the goblins just shield wall and slowly advance. Use your own shield bearers as cover.

    What strategies have you guys found that work?

    Avatar photoTimotheus

    I usually end up with a similar group. In the early/mid game I sometimes use a skirmisher, wearing some sort of throwing weapon and a shield. You can move him more freely than a pure archer, because he can shielbash attackers and has more defense, even if he has low stats.

    Avatar photoTazilon

    Even better: change your pikes to crossbowmen with pikes in reserve. That way you get more shots as forces close, then the crossbows switch to pikes once melee begins.

    Avatar photokingslomein

    Even better: change your pikes to crossbowmen with pikes in reserve. That way you get more shots as forces close, then the crossbows switch to pikes once melee begins.

    I’m finding that to be extremely effective for myself as well. This makes them more practical in night battles as well.

    I have half of my shield brothers as skirmishers as well, with javelins. My game seems to have an abundance of witch hunter back grounds. So I’ve found they make ideal skirmishers. So far there ranged attack has been high 40’s and low 50’s, while melee attack has been in the low 50’s as well.

    Avatar photoDanubian

    6 nimble melees, 6 crossbowmen with backup weapons (eventually they become nimble as well)

    This is just brutal.

    You know enemies that want to be sneaky and get behind you to attack your archers, because archers are weak? Yeah, good luck with that vs my nimble crossbowmen :D

    Avatar photoCuba

    6 brothers 300/320 with shields + all types of melee weapons, 3 brothers 300/320 with a greatsword, 3 brothers 150/300 (150 armor, -1 sight? tophelmet) crossbows + halberds. (each brother in the bags goblins knife(brutal!!-))) (to kill without messing up the armor and helmets for loot) and net for the orcswarlords or legendary companies of mercenaries (20+) with h-knight and swordmaster.
    The tactic is simple: shieldwall for weaklings and cowards!))) come on guys forward over the corpses!)
    maxdps 4-6 of murder in the first or second turn and flee enemies (bandits, wolves,goblins) (on snowball) cut out the henchmen pulls out a knife and carve those with whom good loot))
    skeleton just chop chop) fearless bastards)
    goblins attack ONLY at night, the night of their counters.They run at us in melee)) crossbowmen take out the peaks and the boys go ahead on the corpses)
    Orcs are the only one normal attack formation 4/5/1-1/(1 moves in a complex way) on the corners of the first row of guys with a greatswords, crossbowmen shoot berserkers, to the m-contact of the first row with orcs warriors) then the peaks of their peaks! ) against heavy armor they are very good) rivers of blood, mountains of corpses)
    does not break the shields they cost money!) and are forced to spend action points) drinking , and beat the enemies)) our blue flag + their white gives us +10 to all skills and it’s OP!
    priority targets for killing are always : 1 – peaks, halberds 2 – knives 3 two-handed weapons
    Tactics working)) 300+ days without deaths of brothers, professional reputation: “immortal”.)))

    Avatar photoMeeky

    Personally, my favorite playthrough had 3 nimble fighters for tanking, a similar number of archers, two hornblowers, and everyone else was a two-handed weapons guy. Everyone that was offensive had Perfect Focus and just smote things while the Nimble guys kept the enemy distracted.

    Worked pretty well. I plan to do it again, maybe fudging with the number of nimble fighters.

    I’m actually working on testing out Danubian’s strategy in my present playthrough, but haven’t had the time to go far yet.

    Avatar photoAuralianus

    I prefer to make my men all-arounders. I go first for the support tree at least 3 perks deep,
    equip my men with ranged weapons, shield+1H and 2H long weaponry. This way I get universal fighters
    and my troops cannot be flanked. Archers can transform into frontliners or 2line warrioirs.

    Since I take support line first, I can have someone with “Captain” perk, then depending on the
    rolls, can advance further on the defensive/offensive perk tree. This way – as long as I keep
    my men in a tight formation nothing really have a standing chance against my troops.

    Avatar photoBinkus

    Mt team tried and tested and the most fun for me is 12 identically equipped bros

    12 Billhook 12 x bow 12 x daggers they will take care of anything and be able to back each other up against individual enemies very easily with 2 range

    the beauty of these guys is the xbow for 2 ap then quick hands to billhook for another attack on enemy charge

    cons: major cost to ammunition, getting hold of 12 xbows was a 40 day challenge in game

    some may say that missile troops cause a problem but you are churning return fire that it really isnt

    Goblins are the easiest enemy to beat with this setup, Orcs hit hard and can cause you problems

    the only force that is a bit of a pain is skeletons (when did they get so good?) skellies render your xbows useless and it is chop up time at the bone farm

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