Reply To: Feedback 6.0.15

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You somehow think, that behind that wall of text and detailed information, I would be too intimidated to make a meaningful reply! WELL! Let me tell you, I think, some things staying in the black box make the game, some things in the black box make people make big posts like yours, I wasn’t thinking of it. You don’t like doing your own scouting? Apparently? The villages are military reconnaissance experts, 5.2 goblin raiders says Bob the Builder?
I like that you just rewrote their Factions page, Raiders – OK . Skeletons – A little fragile (TO DO).
Whats wrong with haggling, you made the effort to click it, didn’t you?
Lets see I guess elder scrolls, final fantasy, and single player games level scale. To not level scale would be World of Warcraft? Man I wish I had a party that could explore the zone 2.
Did anybody see their X-COM parody Tweet recently? 12 soldiers, that’s probably the away team on X-COM, I forget. That seems like the hinderance of Turn-Based combat, like X-COM, individual control above 12 starts to break down the system. Maybe Groups of hired-together mercenaries, or even pairing, unpairing mercenaries, that take their turns together? Seem like I’d seen that somewhere, REALLY old strategy games. ERM oh ya RISK! ha. I assume if goblins can ride around on simultaneous attacking wolves, we’re going to get horses! Hurray 3 cheers! Anybody?
I was going to say 6.0.15 wasn’t even out and this is all a troll but you’re just really fast. I think.