Reply To: Magic: keeping up with the AI?

Avatar photoMiaphysites

Now look I thought of all that plenty of times. Are you saying the humans are not going to have a Temple marshalling the powers from the Beyond? Its right there in the game! Human magic! Speaking of which, preliminarily, I assume if goblins send magical roots on the humans or throw nets on a Pair, maybe the Pair is slightly more effective at freeing their Battle Brother from whatever it is. And, I think its quite silly to say humans being humans can carry around 6 weapons or what, there are AI humans you know, they don’t carry around bunches of weapons, a simple 3 slot maybe. You can look at how the Enemy works and sit and wonder, what makes them so different. What do you think of a Cleric right out of RPGs some sort of Boon abilities?
In fact I think I am highlighting the racial and mystical distinction, I think a horse is quite different from a warg, preferred terminology, doesn’t have its own attack, instead maybe a height advantage +1 height. That’s distinctive. I think very friendly with the lore I’ve seen the devs put out, the humans “guard their own” with either, the pairing up of battle brothers or whatever they tend to do with Temples? Or active Monks?
Maybe Goblins can be paired in their “hordes” without as much bonus defensively as what humans get, from being with a shield brother. 24 humans struggling against 9 goblins seems wrong.

Also, “keeping up with the AI”, I sure think putting my men into the AI’s command would smooth out the slow parts of battles for me. Like the WarDogs can do just fine with an AI. Or, another fix on this 12 limit, AI’s above 12? Maybe experienced, leveled up commanders can recruit a Retainer in the Item slot like war dogs, harking back to the huscarl/lord relationship I mentioned in the Pairing mechanic.