Reply To: Magic: keeping up with the AI?

Avatar photoMiaphysites

We’re both guessing at the dev gameworld sure ,and, good point about the FAQ on horses, I do note the extra addition of “probably”. You know half the starter parties are all Monks already right? I mean really. Dedicated to the great spaghetti monster. Ya I’ve been talking about turnbased combat all day, of course 12 is a good limit since 1995 on what you want to click on in a turn. I like the idea that, you incidentally threw in there, like a reserve roster? I wasn’t aware they can have more than 12 enemies, I guess if you got in a 3-way battle I knew that. No I’m just regretting mentioning the necromancer I guess, ok only the AI humans get a necromancer because. God forbid some Suggestions, ya. I keep visualizing that guy on the main menu, with the pike and the sword and a shield?? With, also a quiver , and a crossbow, and the ability to switch instantly. Its like ok… stick this in my cornhole, pull a crossbow off my back ,put the shield on my back, hope that’s not blocking my sword. I remember Pavise Crossbowmen thinking, a shield, a sword, and a crossbow, that’s something. Nord archers come to mind, bow, shield even while shooting, sword. And I don’t know , those are the versatile heavy loaded ones I know of? Whats the point of Paper, Rock, Scissors tactics, one small perk at level 2, everybody is saying it, everybody is now the universal role-filler. All of this still on “keeping up with the AI” kind of, some things are strange in why we’re different from the AI? At least a few things.