Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

Avatar photoSky

No, we should not dismiss, but discuss it. When everyone interested will say their point of view why and how explained so everyone can get the maximum information out of it. A discussion should develope said point of views and push them forward modify them. Perhaps somewhere there the devs will see something that they like and can use to improve their game. As for the people in the discussion we get to see how and what others think about it and ofc why.

All I’m saying is imho and probably will differ from others and thats just how things are. Opinions can be similar to a point but hardy ever identical. I do not wish to deminish others opinion rather to give mine to compareson and continue the dialogue.

About the average. If you look at the bell curves morphing due to the amount of inputs you can see that 4 or 8 make not a big difference. Gamewise speaking it would insignificantly change the hits but at least double the time of the fights. You said you won’t risk the low lvl guy to make 1 hit and maybe miss opening the enemy a chance to kill him. This won’t change with twice as many hits. Even with two hits there is a chance that you don’t hit or hit once, and then there is the dmg rng. When you deal the lowest possible dmg and enemy does not die. More time same result. I can see how this can work with focus on an archer machinegunning down enemies, but other than that not so much.

It is a risk reward afterall. Do you risk the low hp guy and get exp or wait for a safe option but he survives. Less rng less risk less risk less reward.