Reply To: Gameplay problems v2

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typical orc battle (2 skulls) on Challenging mode:
About 8 shields smashed (8 x 400g) = 3,200g
About 2 brothers(level 8 ish) killed (2 x (2000g x 7 levels)) = 14,000g
About 3 helemts broken (3 x 800g) = 2,400g
About 2 body armour broken (2 x 1,200g) = 2,400g

Rough estimate for cost to player of mission = 22,000 gold
Rough amount of reward for quest completion = 1800 gold (+ about 2,000 gold in loot)

so its ~ 22,000 vs ~ 4,000 ….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF !!!111

Can dev’s not do basic math to work this out like I have just done?? Surely they could be MORE ACCURATE and see the GLARING error

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