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    It’s me again, back with more annoying things to moan about.. but hell someone has to bring them up or it wont get changed :(
    1. Orc missions: they break all your shields…. a shield is about 400gold… so if they break all my guys shields, and they nearly always do, the missions don’t pay enough to replace them.
    Not even counting any other incurred costs, the shield replacement cost alone makes me never take these missions.
    Either shields need to be repairable from a broken state, or you need an option to tell your men NOT to use shields when they get near to breaking. Just SOME kind of option that allows me as a player to control how my men use their shields.

    Also orc warriors have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much armour, unless all my guys have war hammers, how am I supposed to kill 8 of these enemies? Its just too difficult to do, I spend about 4 turns breaking down and killing a few of them, only for all my men to be fatigued and then its GG and I die.

    2. Non-combat missions: They increase your reputation upon completion….higher reputation makes enemies and missions harder…. so if you take (or are forced due to lack of other missions types spawning) too many of these non-combat missions, your brothers get no levels or experience and you become effectively out-leveled by the world.
    All delivery and non-combat missions need to award experience to the party upon completion, to make up for the increased reputation difficulty increase.

    3. New Skull icon difficulty levels: Okay this is a nice start, but I still lack the information I need to make any kind of informed choice.
    One of the missions I took, kill some orc camp, was 2 skulls, and put me against 33 orcs……. WTF
    Another 2 skull mission put me against a band of 9 weakly armoured bandits…….
    This kind of difference, with the same skull level, is not helpful in the least.

    Avatar photoCuba

    1. Bad tactics, shit happens, get the perk which reduces the damage to the shields, quickly kill the guys with the axes .
    2 – do not get experience, get money, in the first paragraph complained of a lack of money among the costs of the orcs, buy some shields.
    3 – skulls are always cool, the skull is just great! 33 Orc fighting among themselves, right? WTF! you need to kill a couple of wounded greenskins – easy money! as simple as 9 bandits. buy shields!
    The game is awesome ! update simple, for the players!

    Peace and kindness.)

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    That’s an interesting story , you’d almost have to reproduce it to believe it. 33 orcs was medium difficulty, 9 bandits was medium difficulty.
    You’re really getting too focused , forest from the trees, the orcs are just plain difficult, ya. I’m curious what you do to have the shields break all the time. Oh ya since its brand new, I didn’t think about it, but technically most the time you’ll end up in combat anyway with the caravans, you should head over to my version feedback thread.

    Avatar photoSky

    As Cuba alredy said and many others before, if something is not working, change it. Obviously your tactic against the orcs is bad if you always end up with all the shields destroyed. Use nets, dogs, more archers xbowmen, throwing weaponry.

    The mission with the orcs you had was an event mission with a spin, a very nice one. Fairly easy and tonns of loot.

    If you struggle with the game or how to lvl and perk up your guys I suggest you search the forums for topics with some help. You can find the very basics in the link below.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    whatever formation or tactic you try, the orcs do that battle jump move to close onto your guys, they then just use shield smash moves until your shields are gone. Every orc warrior does this, and they have vastly move movement than the brothers do.

    Add to this, the line deployment that the game does for you on turn one and its unavoidable.

    And I have done so many non-combat missions where I could not find ANY roaming enemies to fight on or anywhere near the roads. Don’t forget the map generation is random, maybe you just got a lucky layout to always meet enemies.

    Even so, thankyou for at least giving me a decent reply, Miaphysites.

    When a poster like Cuba says what he did, its just a total “fuck you” reply that makes me out to be a total noob useless player.
    I have infact 4 times completed the content throughout the patch versions. I know too well what every weapon and tactic is, almost to the point that I feel like writing some feedback on that topic as well….

    As for using nets… go ahead and start your brothers each with a net, see what happens when the orcs jump you before you can throe them, and then proceed to kill your brother in one turn because he has no shield defence.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    it is not even a subject for dispute or boasting but who was able to kill more the orc’s warriors (when he was just lucky with rds or locality) – it’s just the facts 1. Orc Warrior in the amount of more than 4-5 – the most powerful enemies in the game. 2. Contracts with orcs and posting – not profitable and are ignored by the majority of players are now (as I wrote in another topic). That’s all. But what if it is conceived by developers? :) Look at it from this point of view.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    typical orc battle (2 skulls) on Challenging mode:
    About 8 shields smashed (8 x 400g) = 3,200g
    About 2 brothers(level 8 ish) killed (2 x (2000g x 7 levels)) = 14,000g
    About 3 helemts broken (3 x 800g) = 2,400g
    About 2 body armour broken (2 x 1,200g) = 2,400g

    Rough estimate for cost to player of mission = 22,000 gold
    Rough amount of reward for quest completion = 1800 gold (+ about 2,000 gold in loot)

    so its ~ 22,000 vs ~ 4,000 ….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF !!!111

    Can dev’s not do basic math to work this out like I have just done?? Surely they could be MORE ACCURATE and see the GLARING error

    Avatar photoCuba

    If offended, forgive me, I didn’t.
    typical orc battle (2-3 skulls) on Deadly mode:
    About 1-2 shields smashed = 0 ( the next battle with the bandits will get 4-5, so not a problem)
    About 0 brothers killed = 0g
    About 0 helemts broken ) = 0g
    About 0 body armour broken = 0g
    Different conditions, different results.
    Maybe you assume that other people have other results?
    This is what I mean. I want to calculate, then put it away and not combat missions, trade, cost of food, simple fights of 100-200 days, different conditions, and the total amount. As for orcs, they don’t like you, do not fight with them, you can not take the contract, can refuse the choice is always there.

    Avatar photoSky

    To make an accurte assumption about the difficulty of the current orc battles, just to see if they realy are, there have to be pools involving as many players as possible and differentiating between new players and older ones. After that you have to get to the bottom of how difficult it actually is compared to the intended difficulty, they are the ultimate enemy at this moment. IF it turns out to be more difficult than it should be you have to look into the roots and figure out how exactly, which parts make the asses explode. And ofc find a solution to lower the difficulty to the intended difficult level.

    As for myself, I have no big problems with the orcs. The old tactics work just fine with the new updates, both goblin and worldmap one. Sometimes against extra large groups I lose hirelings due to caressnes. But they are supposed to be a challenge. Still you need no high end backgrounds to fare against orcs successfully.

    As for your gold value estimilation. How can you put a pricetag on all brothers equally? That is just nonsense. From my experience, the loss of so many armors is almost impossible when consideting the cost, you have decent equipment. You want to get your point across but this feels like extravagating.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I see what your saying now, Cuba. I am sorry for mis-understanding what you meant earlier.

    I will agree completely that it does indeed depend on the conditions of each player’s game and progress.

    If Orcs are supposed to be the hardest enemy in the game, then the difficulty is probably correct, however there is far too many missions with orcs if this is meant to be the case.

    As the game is right now, every 3rd contract I look at is an orc one, which is just crazy for beginning/low level/ mid level player companies to face.
    Surely the game should wait till your average brother is around level 8 ish with a very high reputation of about 3,000 before giving you even the option of Orc missions?

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    I made the mistake of being only 12 level 6s, and strike out west young man, and oh its orc cities everywhere in the fog of war. go back east young man.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    haha nice to know its not a good idea to go into the fog at my current level then 0.0

    Avatar photomrbunnyban

    I made the mistake of being only 12 level 6s, and strike out west young man, and oh its orc cities everywhere in the fog of war. go back east young man.

    I loled at this. Thanks for that Miaphysites. :D

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