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his is a great article. Only it does not explain the fact that the real (not the one that shows, but a real chance) expose the difficulty 1 and of 3 – is a completely different chances to hit, as well as the fact that in most cases, if the blow can kill the enemy in a dangerous situation, it will leave him 1 XP. Bias? If.

Tovarish, if i understand you correctly, i havent observed any difference between 80% hit chance on EVEN and on CHALLENGING.

You may be correct, but it could also be another example of confirmation bias.

There is literally the same thing in a game called World of Tanks, where numerous (im talking hundreds) of people believe that there is a secret mechanic that makes tanks on very low HP bounce shells in order for them to survive longer and do more damage. While its possible that there is indeed some secret mechanic in game, it is faaaaaaaaaar more likely that people simply pay more attention to times when they were shooting at an enemy with 4% hp and bounced them because thats how human brain works, its selective, it doesnt do well with statistics and long strains of numbers.