Reply To: Thought on Increasing Map Size-Modding

Avatar photoAnonymous

The only thing is, with a bigger map you aren’t adding extra content, just repeats of the same content.

Instead of (for example, all numbers are random) 15 graveyards to explore each having 10 – 20 enemies from a combination of 7 different types, you now have 25 graveyards, each having 10 – 20 enemies from a combination of 7.

It just gives the potential of doing the same thing, more times. Is that really what you’re after?

Or instead of 7 little fishing villages you have 13 little fishing villages. Is it really that important?

What you want (im guessing/hoping) is actual more content, which is where modding shines. Add another 5 enemies to the 7 different types you might find at the graveyards. Mod in new size or just plain different towns, with new or different contracts, gear and buildings in general etc etc.

Maybe then, once you’ve modded in extra content, mod the size of the world.