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Thank you for your reply.
I have only today learned about ammunition and supplies. It seems like i dont have that many 1/2 quivers when i pay attention to my ammunition. Now my soldiers tend to have 10 of them before a battle.

Think i can handle the basics now after about 16 hours of battle brothers. Havent read anyting about strategy yet. Only once faced goblins and undead. Orcs kind of make me scared. I have got no clue how to handle undead, orcs or goblins but i am sure i will find out soon enough by practice. I`ll just make a solid frontline and flank with my archers once the soldiers have faced one another.
Seems like orcs can take a pretty good beating so i only take them on when i have about 8 soldiers and decent armor.

Orcs are the toughest basic enemies around. Young orcs can be defeated easily if you make 6 of your people archers (bows or crossbows work) and 6 melees. If you go all melee there is a good change youll lose people. Orcs hit hard and can often 1 shot kill your people. So long duration melee exchange with Orcs is not a good idea, however Orcs also exhaust themselves (specially well armored ones) so couple of rounds into fight they might stop being able to hit you twice / round (but can still cause enormous damage).
My suggestion is to avoid:
-Young Orcs until your entire melee crew has shield and at least ~90-110 armors (you can farm those off bandit raiders).
-Orc Berserkers (depending on number) but at least until you have several highly capable archers (bows or crossbows) to take them out from range. Orc Berskers with 2 handed weapons can massacre poorly equipped brothers.
-Orc Warriors basically until you have a high level party. You should be able to deal with 1 or 2 Warriors even early-ish on (you will need at least basic items), but even one of those beasts mixed with Young Orcs can do brutal damage. They will push your melees back and reach archers… Attacking 10+ Warriors is level 10+ fully equipped group business.

Goblins. I hate Goblins. Best thing you can do is stack the odds against them. Give everyone a shield with high range defense, and most importantly, attack during the night. Still, even though Goblins are relatively easy (you will often 1 shot kill them even), they are nasty little buggers with a bunch of abilities that make them scary foe to fight. Once you have highly competent archers (like 60-70+ archery) you can try to exchange arrows with them during the day (crossbows have less range than big bows), but i still prefer night and full melee line up.

Undead. Well. It depends on case. But there are couple of rules in general. Undead are mostly immune to arrows and bolts. In most cases youll be able to destroy their armors easily with ranged weapons, but youll deal very, very little HP damage that way. So little that using archers against skeletons is a waste of arrows. (note that iirc killing necromancers from range works just fine)
-Skeletons, you have small and big ones. Small ones you just go in with your melees and murder, they are straight forward. Try to kill the ones with 2 handed weapons first obviously. Specially those with 2 tiles ranged weapons, they can do nasty stuff. Big skelies are basically fully armored knights, Fallen Heroes i believe. They are armed with top military grade weapons. I would say fighting them takes a high level party with good gear, although, similarly to Orc Warriors if theres just a couple of them, they are no problem.
-Vampires. Yeah. Avoid those. Specially if you have weak unleveled brothers. They will massacre you. Ranged weapons can kill their armors easily, dunno about HP, but they are hard to hit, they have excellent change to hit you, they teleport around the map, and they are armed with swords (often carry unique swords too). I avoid them until i have a fully leveled (or highly leveled) and fully equipped group.
-Ghosts or w/e they are called. These things are now difficult, problem is, they do their mind attacks that cause fear (or at least they did last time i fought them several versions ago). If you have high resolve or you pick that skill that makes you immune to these attacks you can handle them easily. They are hard to hit, but they are basically 1 hit kills.