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Avatar photoLove Gun

I reckon, a missing nose belongs to the also-bonus-granting ones then. ^^

Well, it could be done. Like cause fear in all humans next to him. Or all humans who can see him (there are helmets that obscure view). But only when he doesn’t wear a helmet or wears a helmet that doesn’t cover his face. Could also affect allies (and by the way – I think that all brothers have too strong starting morale).

I thought more of he does not have to smell all the foul-smelling stuff like Swamps, Wiedergängers, Orcs, Goblins, Direwolfs, Thugs and Bandits. ;P

Hey Paul,

have you got anything to show? I’d even take WIP.^^ Come on don’t leave us/me high and dry like Jan did last Friday. ;P

PS: Have you thought about putting less or no blood around the temporary blunt injury icons? Since blunt injuries aren’t (as) bloody (as cutting and percing ones).