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i LOVE the way it looks without visor. Plox make some like that if possible at all. Id keep them on my frontline dudes no matter stats ?

Okay okay, you got me:



Now, if youre looking for more inspiration, whats really lacking in game right now are helmets inspired by those in the east, specially Rus’ stuff.

This was a quite common helmet:

And some other that i think are heavily influenced by Viking style:

This is druzhina (since they are all mounted this is later, like i dunno 13th 14th century, before that they would mostly be on foot):

The reason why i love Russian gear is because they are a beautiful mix of everything; you have chain mails from the vikings as the basic gear, you have lamellar items from the steppe (Mongols, steppe nomads etc) and you have scale armors (i believe from Byzantium). And all of it can be quite colorful.

This is called kolovrat and was on Slavic shields very early on (like first millenia ad) if you add any Slavic/eastern gear it should be on shield(s):

Note however i believe it is considered a swastika of sorts, so there could be political stuff, i dunno. I think you guys are German and i know Germany has some laws against Nazi swastika, if this also falls into that category plox delete it.