Reply To: "beta" UI – My first impressions

Avatar photoDanubian

Sariss, I’m pretty sure Danubian meant we should change the color of the “glow” to be blue or green. And I agree with Danubian: that’d make the rares a lot easier to see. Although… a yellow would be perfectly fine as well, but the right shade of yellow would need to be found to make it stand out.

Also, you know how food items have a color that tells you when they’ll go bad? That needs to be changed somehow. As of now, if the right food is in the right stage of spoiling, you can barely – or not at all – read the amount of provisions you have for that specific food item. Perhaps if a little black box were put in the bottom-left corner of items and the number of the item / price of the item were displayed there? Or a semi-transparent black box?

Yup thats what i meant.