Reply To: Monsters, Weapons and Armor Lore

Avatar photoJaysen

Thats a great idea to give a little more lore to the game! Unfortunately, we are still extremely busy with putting the core mechanics in the game and balancing them so that we currently have no time to add “just” content.

I have been following Darkest Dungeon since their kickstarter over a year back and they have some great ideas and a very distinct artstlye. However, it is very “gamey” and gives me the impression to be somewhat of a “mobile” game that was designed with an iPad-port in mind (no hard feelings, its still a great game!).
I really like the stress idea and the camping mechanic and we already discussed internally if we want something similar for Battle Brothers. That will more go into the direction of camping over night to repair armor, heal wounds and make the night pass faster. Something like “stress” is not planned right now. That is what we have our moral system for ;)

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