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I haven’t gotten a chance to use the warbow, but while I DO like the crossbow more in general, you need to discuss perks when comparing the two. Namely: Perfect Focus.

Yes, a Crossbow has more oomph. Bows, however, can potentially hit four people in a single turn versus 2 for a crossbow. If you’re targeting lightly-armored or injured opponents, this could lead to 4 kills for your archer in a single round. Quick Shot on a guy with high Ranged Attack is perfectly useful. A crossbow can hit two guys in one turn with Perfect Focus… or only 1 with Perfect Focus if you have to reload BEFORE you shoot (since having 1 AP left means you can’t act in a round even though you’d theoretically be able to fire your crossbow with Perfect Focus when you have 1 AP).

Typically, I run 2 crossbows for every 1 bow I have, since bows are much more situational and crossbows are generally better all around.

Side note: Devs, I’d love it if y’all allowed Crossbows to act with 1 AP left if they have Perfect Focus activated. I dunno if that’s possible, but presently you HAVE to fire first (not reload) in order to get 2 shots in a single round. This does silly things to a crossbow user’s action economy. But then again, you’re changing the entire perk system soon, so…


I was wondering: do you have plans at any point to make short/tall characters visibly short/tall on the screen? I know there’s a short traits, and I know Hedge Knights are frequently described as massive. Do you plan on making them have slightly different scales in size at any point, or will you leave the traits text-only?

Also, since you’re working on unique weapons soon: I was thinking that the flamberge would make a great rare/unique two-handed sword. I could also see a falcata being used as a rare Military Cleaver. And I’d definitely point to Persian weaponry for rare weapons in general, as they’re… they’re just gorgeous weapons.

Besides that… I dunno if you can make it look good on the screen, but a sword that looks like Damascus Steel (also known as Wootz) would instantly deserve to be a badass weapon.