Reply To: Game tinkering

Avatar photoSarissofoi

They read but probably they don’t want you tell things that you want to hear.
Simply speaking looking at game files its either all or nothing. Unless devs would spend time and resources to make some separate editors which is unlikely.
Non compiled files would be probably make it for extremely easy pirating and abundance of mods could make selling DLC and expansions less profitable. Still I don’t think so that somebody could make graphics mods that can challenge Psen.
Its simple about money and control. So its not gonna happen. Probably.
Still if this game would be easily to mod it could probably get similar following to Mount and Blade. Full conversion mods even in post Apocalyptic or sf worlds would be awesome addition.
Heck even small balancing changes to items, perks, enemies, contracts and economy would be great. Not even mention that some mods even in EA could be used for testing and balancing purposes.