Reply To: Game tinkering

Avatar photoParalityk

C’mon man, don’t be too hard on the devs. They certainly care about their game and the community around it, but there must be a reason for this lack of mod availability. If they decompress the files, nice, but if they don’t right now, just don’t assume they don’t care about us. We don’t know about their workload, it’s only a small team.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about indie games. In the sea of AAA crap and companies shoving another CoD, fifa, battlefield, nfs down our throats year after year, over and over again indie market is like oasis in the middle of a frickin’ desert. I love fresh ideas and intresting mechanics of indie games and it’s awesome that they are thriving. The only reason why I am picking this fight is that Battle Brothers is a great game and makes me care enough to do so. There is so much potential… It would be a real shame to watch it go to waste. All I am asking for is simple answer so I can understand logic behind devs decision. Because from where I stand there is no logical downside to modding.