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Game of Thrones isn’t necessarily authentic. Some of it is and some of it isn’t. It’s just one man’s attempt to show how awful war can be by making horrible things happen to people over and over. While it’s pretty good at accurately depicting reality in that regard (wow I sound pessimistic), the authenticity of the material varies in other subjects.

Gold was super valuable, but it’s not necessarily mega rare, basically.

IMO, the coins used should be whatever the devs think is coolest. Copper, silver, gold, iron, steel, platinum, electrum – whatever it is, it’s a fantasy setting, and the devs are free to do whatever they feel is best for the game.

I agree that silver would be a neat choice, and is probably the most fitting out of the options that seem most realistic. Gold coins could be a treasure item, much like the current ancient coins you can find from certain adventure sites.