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    Yust a minor change but maybe you could change the money used from gold kinda coins into silver.
    Please dont kill me for this unimportant post but its just an idea because silver would probably be a much more common way to pay in the world of battle brothers than gold.

    Actually I`am German but I write in english so others can leave their opinion to my idea(s); what I wanna say please forgive me for bad grammar and stuff.

    I promise I will give you more feedback especially one that is more important than thisone.

    Ansonsten unglaublich tolle Arbeit die ihr da leistet mit gerade mal 4 Mann!! The GREY CROW is your`s!

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Fairly cool, given how high the values of coin we’re told we receive, I would think a lesser value coin would be more authentic.

    In the GameOfThrones universe 4 gold-coin is basically a suit of armour ( Which in George’s universe equates roughly 800 silver or 6400 copper/something.

    Although in the tv show 8 barrels of Dornish wine are bought for 100 gold, and for a nobel melee contest 20,000 gold is on offer (5000 suits of armour). But that takes place after a long summer in a more heavily populated setting.

    I think given the early medieval setting, doubling those amour costs so that a good suit costs 1600 silver would work, but at that point devs might as well just use the current gold values for silver instead.

    Avatar photoMeeky

    Game of Thrones isn’t necessarily authentic. Some of it is and some of it isn’t. It’s just one man’s attempt to show how awful war can be by making horrible things happen to people over and over. While it’s pretty good at accurately depicting reality in that regard (wow I sound pessimistic), the authenticity of the material varies in other subjects.

    Gold was super valuable, but it’s not necessarily mega rare, basically.

    IMO, the coins used should be whatever the devs think is coolest. Copper, silver, gold, iron, steel, platinum, electrum – whatever it is, it’s a fantasy setting, and the devs are free to do whatever they feel is best for the game.

    I agree that silver would be a neat choice, and is probably the most fitting out of the options that seem most realistic. Gold coins could be a treasure item, much like the current ancient coins you can find from certain adventure sites.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Yeah I agree, it’s not overly accurate or consistent, to cite a more factual opinion, a German king was said to have bought a suit of plate armour for around 1,300 gold coin…, how that translates to the silver of the time idk.

    Regardless it does feel like we’ve got a bit of a D&D currency. There’s just something about it that doesn’t feel like it suits the low-fantasy setting the way silver would, as the value of the gold is seeming disproportionately less valuable than the grain my troops eat.

    I would love for gold to still remain perhaps in the capacity you mention, or as a reward nobles give you that you can cash in like a cheque.

    The OP’s suggestion seems like it might be a simple enough change that I like the suggestion, obviously there’ll hardly be any tears shed if the depicted value of gold remains though.

    Avatar photoValiant

    Yes I deffenetly agree gold should be still impemented into the game. And as you said in the end it`s up to the devs what and how they do it.
    In the end it is just my idea as a fan of medieval games and univorses. However thanks for giving your oppinions, it`s nice to read what others think about your own ideas!

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