Reply To: "beta" UI – My first impressions

Avatar photoSarissofoi

After playing some more and spending time with the game I must change some of my early impressions.
-it looks nice
-wooden medieval look, nice
-more icons and pictures, nice
-more smooth, nice
-can end battle when enemy running, cool
In short its looks much better.

-no UI scalling
-cool and visible blue borders on named items replaced by red fog, kinda mixed about that as it less visible and can miss
-not much actual UI improvments
-removed reverse sides button
-only one colour of UI

What would be helpful:
-sort items in loot panel(easy to spot better items if one have limited space)
-lack of easy inventory access and switching weapons is really annoying overall and tiresome in long run for some setups(like using throwing weapons)
-setup your companies(change equipment, formation,soldiers) before battle, player still can start battle, quit, load autosave and do that but it would be great to have Prepare for battle button and change what you want without using tricks
-have hide quest info button(playing on small laptop and it blocks nice portion of map when active), what worse early build of game had it
-repair all/armour/weapon button
-it would be nice to mark some types of armour/weapons/items as trash that would be not repaired by above and can be sold using one button, for example marking sticks, knives etc as it and then on market just click Sell trash button to clear inventory
-info panels for contracts that are available in settlements(like Burn orc camp, or escort or delivery) with some basic info(like reward, mission type, expected enemy), that are visible without going through all that contract panels and haggling