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Any plans to expand currently existing factions? As in adding new tiered NPCs (with different equipment and stuff)?
It would add a lot to diversity (for example different bandit groups having different unit composition acting differently etc).

Whats definitely in the works is the complete skeleton overhaul to make them a proper faction of their own. We also have plans to rework the ghouls to make them more interesting.
What we will also be working on is the overall gameplay mechanics on the worldmap. The noble houses will defnitely get some more love and we want to have civil wars and other global events. I cant tell too much right now, but while we do all that, I am pretty sure that enemies in general will get more diverse.

Club, FLail, Hammer, Axe(one and two handed?), Cleaver, Sword (warbrands + two handed?), Dagger, Pike (polearm?), Spear, xbow, bow, throwing, . ???

The Axe Mastery affects one handed axes, two handed axes and poleaxes. The Sword includes Warbrands and two handed swords (it works differently for those of course). The polearm perk affects Billhooks and Pikes.

also i think it would be nice to have a shield special perk in this weapon-perk tree.

The shield expert perk is still there if you take a close look, it increases your defense bonus as well as your shields durability.

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