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will we got some worldmap working perks?
like scouting or pathfinding, tradership,treasure hunter, trainer, etc. !

I could talk a lot about this topic, but I will restrict myself to not spend too much time here :)
Of course we considered worldmap perks. If we would implement them within the normal perk tree, there are several problems.

Lets take the pathfinder perk as an example ( my points would apply to any worldmap perk). This perk would increase movement speed on the worldmap.
Does this perk stack? So do you move faster if more brothers have this perk or is it one time effect?
So if it stacks you would gain absurd movement speed on the worldmap if you give this perk to every single brother. Alternativly if you want to min-max, all your reserve brothers would have the worldmap perks and serve solely as a worldmap buff with no real combat value.

If its a one time effect it would be the optimal way to just give one of the worldmap perks to each brother until you have covered all different perks. Every single player would do this, as the investment is not very high. If everyone does it like that we could just remove the worldmap perks alltogether and give the player some stat boosts right from the beginning.

I hope I made clear that its very tricky to implement worldmap buffs within the normal perk system. We had extensive internal discussion on that topic and our favorite way to implement anything in that direction would be a non combat follower mechanic of some kind.
This is not off the table so it might still happen.
No promises though :)

I hope this helped a little to explain why we dont have worldmap perks in the game at the moment.

Regarding the other perks (hating greenskins etc). The basic mechanic of gaining (and losing) perks via events is in the game, so something like this may be implemented. Again: No Promises, but we like the general concept of this.


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