Reply To: [Beta patch] Allow us to see recruit's stats for god's sake…

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Your choice, but you cant “demand” something from the devs if you like to play the game in a way its not meant to be.
“I cheat in GTA for unlimited ammo, its more fun, so make it standard in the game so I dont waste time typing in the cheat code”
Ehhhh nope?

I dont feel like im entitled to anything – so im not demanding anything – but i do however, as a paying customer, feel im well within my rights to ask for something.

And specially if i make a case with arguments for that which im asking for.

And i feel i did that.

So im not asking them to change anything about how they want the game to be played, im asking for more options for people who like the game itself, but just dont like some aspects.

Wow, sorry to stir things up for you!

And yes, you are within your rights. Actually, it’s good to be in the early access for just that reason. Anyway, as my signature says, “There’s no cheating in a single player game …” Now, if there were only some way to boost stats as in Mount & Blade Warband! (and did I ever get flamed for admitting I did that on their forum!)

I guess I was trying to give you the rationale behind that particular game choice.

In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!