Reply To: [Beta patch] You changed something about ranged weapons havent you?

Avatar photoDaedalus

Here’s what I’ve noticed in my first 100 days. Before when you missed you had a very small chance to hit someone nearby, and a fairly decent chance of hitting anyone who was blocking LoS(modified by their Ranged Defense). NOW, I believe you have a moderate chance to hit someone nearby, and a high chance to hit someone blocking(UNmodified by their Ranged Defense). If you’re collateral damage, rather than the prime target, your Ranged Defense no longer seems to matter. Which, while almost something that makes sense, is absurdly bloody frustrating. And it leads to silly situations where i.e. you have a 5% chance to hit a haunting spirit, so you’re actually more likely to hit it if you’re aiming at someone standing next to it rather than directly firing at it. Which is ridiculous.

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