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BTW Do we get access to this and other pictures somewhere?

Good question.
There will be the digital art/lore book once the game is finished, but it will not contain an extensive collection of original sized artworks.
My idea is to create a new category in the “media” tab where I upload as many full size artworks as possible.
I’ll see to that soon!

Hi Paul, just linking you this (food for thoughts):

A lot of people like the new banners, but also want their old ones back. I can understand that as they already got used and attached to them.
The thing is though, that the old banners where pretty close to heraldic banners used by nobility. This implied the feeling of playing an aspiring noble leader which is absolutely not the case in our game.
But we will see, theres still some time and I suppose I will add more banners now and then. Maybe even with another little contest here in the thread, it was a lot of fun.


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