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I guess i joined the forum just a tad bit late to take part in the banner discussion.

One of the companies I enjoy playing is called “Crowmen”, directly inspired by one of your old banners. The yellow one with five crows on it. The Crowmen currently flags the Widowmaker-banner, but they would love to reunite under a new version of their trusted tattered standard, with their mark, the crow.

The Crowmen are a ragtag bunch of thieves, beggars, graverobbers and killers on the run. They do not fight for a noble cause, neither for fame nor glory. Crowmen assemble under their banner because they have nowhere else to turn. They fight to survive, for a meager sense of purpose and to belong to some sort of fellowship. They fight because it is the one thing they know how to do fairly well. And like the scavenging birds that follow in their wake, they too find bits and pieces that will feed their stomachs among the dead of the battlefield.

So. Both me and a bunch of Crowmen hope that the ragged banner of the crow will return one day. Until then they will continue their journeys across the land, looking for spoils of war and any man desperate enough to join their ranks.