Reply To: Combat Log

Avatar photoCwell

yea, Combat log should always show the last lines added, being collapsed (2 lines visible) or not.
It stopped working “correctly” with the new UI patch sometime ago.

Also, on that note of “Combat Log”, i would *love* a better logging format. As examples :

<Attacker> [AtkType:swings|shoots] at <Target> and [AtkResult:misses!|hits <BodyPart> for <ArmorDamage> and <HealthDamage>!]
<Attacker> uses <attack skill> on <Target> and [AtkResult:misses!|hits <BodyPart> for <ArmorDamage> and <HealthDamage>!]

(the 2 handed axe needs a specific case to reflect the “double hit” Head+Torso)
– If Target dies, extra line “<Target> was killed by <Attacker>!”
– If Target is wounded, extra line “<Target> suffers <Wound> from <Attacker>’s attack!”
– <Target>’s [Head|Torso]’s armor is shredded by <Attacker>’s attack!

Cheers :)