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    Avatar photoJaffai

    I have to keep scrolling combat log down to see new logs. When I extend combat log, camera doesn’t center to combat, but lots of things happening behind extended combat log.

    Avatar photoCwell

    yea, Combat log should always show the last lines added, being collapsed (2 lines visible) or not.
    It stopped working “correctly” with the new UI patch sometime ago.

    Also, on that note of “Combat Log”, i would *love* a better logging format. As examples :

    <Attacker> [AtkType:swings|shoots] at <Target> and [AtkResult:misses!|hits <BodyPart> for <ArmorDamage> and <HealthDamage>!]
    <Attacker> uses <attack skill> on <Target> and [AtkResult:misses!|hits <BodyPart> for <ArmorDamage> and <HealthDamage>!]

    (the 2 handed axe needs a specific case to reflect the “double hit” Head+Torso)
    – If Target dies, extra line “<Target> was killed by <Attacker>!”
    – If Target is wounded, extra line “<Target> suffers <Wound> from <Attacker>’s attack!”
    – <Target>’s [Head|Torso]’s armor is shredded by <Attacker>’s attack!

    Cheers :)

    Avatar photoWargasm

    (the 2 handed axe needs a specific case to reflect the “double hit” Head+Torso)

    I had come to think that the “always hits both head and body for additional damage” bit meant (despite what it could easily be interpreted as meaning) that it always does extra “critical damage” (as all weapons do as standard when hitting the head), irrespective of whether it hits the head or the body. If it actually is meant to hit both areas, every time, then I’m fairly sure that it often isn’t nearly as devastating as it ought to be …

    Avatar photoCwell

    I may have misread the 2 Handed Axe too, it was just in case.

    The important thing here is about the combat log lines format, which right now is really really not cool/useful :p
    (and the “reset to top” bug from UI update patch with each new log line)

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