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Am I seeing the new look of the Ghouls; plus their look after feasting on one and a second corpse?
They look more like mumified human corpses than some feral creatures. The ornamental painting and the gold jewelry adds to the tamer look, implying that they have been part of some ritual burial. The collar also gives the impression, that they have been enchained and are not their own master. I’d prefer them to stay feral creatures.

Regarding the banners:

What is it about the grid or gate on the 4th Orc banner? The 3rd one depicts the lore/spirit of the Orcs the best (I’d say, it shows the tribe’s warlord and the three skulls on top are former contenders.) The 2nd best is the 2nd one. It follows the manner of the 3rd. The 1st and the 4th are on place 3. Then comes the 5th, though the game has to, at least, hint at dragons in one other situation for this banner to make sense. And last and least is the 4th Orc banner.

The idea of decayed banners for the Wiedergangers is cool. I could even imagine an event or contract twist (for a new contract: search (for a sign of) the lost patrol) that triggers, where a patrol looks like a regular noble house patrol from afar and when you get closer, the banner changes to a decayed one and instead of just finding the patrol one has to fight the now undead patrol.

Am I the only one, that thinks, that one cannot recognize the Goblins in the Goblin banners at all? The closest is the spider banner, pointing on the fact, that Goblins utilize their poison; but that’s as far as it goes.

PS: May I suggest this pole layout (see the attached picture) for the first Orc banner? Since it lacks something to make it stand out in comparison to the other four.