Reply To: Feedback After 120 Hours Played

Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

1- I think the devs more or less have confirmed this will be a feature.
2- Same again, perhaps with or without some features
3- I would like this, just autofollow till they are out of a certain range
4- Yeah I sometimes zoom out and lose track of where the company is, having a button that centers the camera to th company would be great
5- I like the idea of surgery rolls, like in bloodbowl, that would be cool.
6- This is non-essential verses 3 and 4, but would be good, inversely I often find my men keep cutting through into mountains when I just want to travel by road.
7?- I don’t think this is likely, since monsters would need a unique infrastructure (means of recruitment and supply), and there’s seemingly no plans to expand the elements outside of playing as mercenaries (i.e. becoming a noble or trader), simple player versus player matches would be neat though (beasts and human fighting in timed rounds like modern Xcom).