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    First and foremost – thank you for creating a fun game!

    1) Definitely need some sort of memorial for the fallen. With a campaign, I suggest such site be placed in the Company’s beginning (home) city. List name, kill stats, most used weapon, etc.

    2) Hall of Fame. Out of campaign (but accessible in campaign) screen listing your best ever fighters with qualifying criteria being Kills then Level Obtained. Name, level, kills, fav. weapon, Retired or Expired.

    3) Maybe I am missing it, but an auto-follow key would be awesome for pursuing enemy bands.

    4) The ability to lock the camera of your band would be useful for long distance trips. Currently, the camera locks on to you on Caravan Escort missions. Let us do the same thing when we are travelling at other times.

    5) Rare random event if you have a Witch Doctor: Witch Doctor discovers a heal/surgery/fix for a permanent injury. But…there is also a chance it may further harm the victim. Do you risk trying to heal?

    6) The ability to set way points for travel. This would greatly benefit patrol missions, as the AI tries to go the fastest way – meaning roads, but roads are frequently not the best places to find monsters.

    FUTURE EXPANSION: Let us play a band of Monsters and campaign against the good guys. Same game but from the other perspective!

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    1- I think the devs more or less have confirmed this will be a feature.
    2- Same again, perhaps with or without some features
    3- I would like this, just autofollow till they are out of a certain range
    4- Yeah I sometimes zoom out and lose track of where the company is, having a button that centers the camera to th company would be great
    5- I like the idea of surgery rolls, like in bloodbowl, that would be cool.
    6- This is non-essential verses 3 and 4, but would be good, inversely I often find my men keep cutting through into mountains when I just want to travel by road.
    7?- I don’t think this is likely, since monsters would need a unique infrastructure (means of recruitment and supply), and there’s seemingly no plans to expand the elements outside of playing as mercenaries (i.e. becoming a noble or trader), simple player versus player matches would be neat though (beasts and human fighting in timed rounds like modern Xcom).

    Avatar photofrank_will

    Yes please, stats!

    I have 137 Hours in game, and you made such great progress, the game is getting truly great, but I really do not like not being able to keep track of my fallen brothers and having stats about them. I know you devs maybe see it as a minor addition, but would be nice to know if you are still thinking about it.

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