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one of the helmets be damaged above an eye slit in such a way, that the lidless eye underneath, staring out of the hole, would be visible?

Thats a cool idea, but as all fallen heroe equipment is usable by the player I think it would look a little strange on a regular human.

Wouldn’t it be possible to just show the part of the regular human face underneath the helmet layer/the hole area like it is done with any other helmet where part of the face is still visible? But I guess, Fallen Heroes do not have a head underneath the helmet, do they?
Sure, if it is not worth the hassle, let it be. Or maybe it is stuff for a named version of the Fallen Hero Helmets.

Anyway, awesome work on the ancient dead!
Could there be named versions of the face helmets depicting animal or goblin or orc faces – or a human skull (lol) ?