Reply To: Detailed info about rolls, checks, etc.

Avatar photoFotsvamp

It would be nice if the combat log could provide more information, and be larger in general. it’s not very eye catching and a neglected piece of the UI, like if you want to know who dealt how much damage during a battle it can be very hard to find out using the log.

Right now it just says “Bandit raider’s head armor was hit for 20 damage” but a message like, “(Battle brother X) dealt 20 damage to Bandit raider’s head armor” would be more useful.

The earlier mentioned change would be a gameplay improvement but the following suggestion would be more for flavor and setting the mood.

And if you want you can add even more flavor to the message by having slightly different messages depending on the attacks. “A devastating blow to the head” could be a used to signalize a head hit or perhaps if an attacks inflicts an injury it could say, “a strong blow to the leg completely pierced the muscles and left a debilitating injury” instead of just X suffers pierced leg muscles.

and if that bold text could have a mouse over tool tip describing exactly what pierced leg muscles did it would be a super useful feature.