Reply To: Bands and formations setup

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I have some game experience ) and I must mention that the game is good that with adequate selection of backgrounds and skills of mercenaries you can succeed in almost any set of men. Moreover, with the extension to the group of 18 people we have the opportunity to do special fighters for certain enemies and goals. Developers can only be praise: if a player “knows” that he can achieve success as with 10 soldiers with shields and 10 people with a two-handed swords
There is only one unfortunate moment. The lategame (about day 200+) the enemies become so numerous and so powerful that the game forces you to look for knights and sellswords with 3 stars talents as your starting mercenaries, even at level 11 can not be guaranteed to cope with so many enemy . The average accuracy of about 70 ordinary mercenaries will not be enough for RND chances to fight 30 or more powerful enemies, you simply have no right afford to miss few easy hits in a row.

p.s. my English is the same- google )