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    I’m very new to the game. So far I’ve started two beginner ironman bands, first ended in obligatory orc wipe, second is going nice and strong. The game is great and very addictive; which actually might not be a such good thing :D

    But enough small talk. I’d like to know how you setup you troops, what roles you assign them, how do you setup your starting formations and maybe some basic tactical tips.

    So far I’ve been using six shielded spearmen and second line of six archer/polearm hybrids. I’m looking to slowly transfer this band into

    S S S S S S
    G O A A O G

    S – shields and axes
    G – greatswords
    O – sergeants with billhooks
    A – bow/billhooks hybrids

    Maybe even this formation

    S G S S G S
    S O A A O S

    but I’m too afraid of enemy archers to not a have a complete shield wall :D

    What do you think? I’m not really sold on two-handed weapons, but they seem great on paper :)

    (sry about my english)

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    I have some game experience ) and I must mention that the game is good that with adequate selection of backgrounds and skills of mercenaries you can succeed in almost any set of men. Moreover, with the extension to the group of 18 people we have the opportunity to do special fighters for certain enemies and goals. Developers can only be praise: if a player “knows” that he can achieve success as with 10 soldiers with shields and 10 people with a two-handed swords
    There is only one unfortunate moment. The lategame (about day 200+) the enemies become so numerous and so powerful that the game forces you to look for knights and sellswords with 3 stars talents as your starting mercenaries, even at level 11 can not be guaranteed to cope with so many enemy . The average accuracy of about 70 ordinary mercenaries will not be enough for RND chances to fight 30 or more powerful enemies, you simply have no right afford to miss few easy hits in a row.

    p.s. my English is the same- google )

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    In the endgame (most of the time) I have only characters with two handed weapons in the front line, using your example it would look something like this:


    P is for a man armed with a pole arm and with perks that promotes inflicting injuries.

    This is the setup I run against most foes and on most terrains.

    if I’m fighting goblins, armies of orc young or in hilly terrain I usually have a set up like this:


    Where the men with shields have throwing weapons and spears, that way you can counter the ranged superiority of the goblins, and open up the front lines for an assault, use the throwing weapons to take out goblins with spearwall or nets while the archers take out their archers e.t.c.

    In hilly terrain the extra adaptability of having men with throwing weapons makes up for the lower damage, you can hit foes you can’t walk up to and hit many times.

    And the spearmen with shields really help vs armies with a lot of orc young or orc berserkers, since the charge can be deflected most of the time, (in the set up I displayed earlier there are only two spots where a charge can end without hitting a spearwall, so only two of your men with great weapons can be stunned as long as your spearmen have high enough melee attack).

    Running this style of company relies on having a lot of heavy armors and without a decent supply of scale mails or heavier armor it’s quite susceptible to be overrun by foes.

    I find that after the talents and perks update a well built character with coat of scale or coat of plate and a great weapon can easily go toe-to-toe with an orc warrior, and often times take out two or more on their own.

    There is one last variation I run against skeletons which is:
    P O P

    Early game I find that it’s mostly about making the best of your situation and your setup should reflect that, but I have over several campaigns aimed towards a setup as I have laid out in here and it has worked well on the middle difficulty (not sure what it is called right now).

    (Imagine the second rank as centered)

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    Thanks. I’m definitely going to try more heavy troops with greatswords. It’s only natural; in reality people with plate armor rarely wore heavy shields.

    oldschool rpg blog (in czech language)

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