Reply To: Crash (problems with videodriver after last update)

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Problem’s solved.

The main topic is that my laptop has switchable graphic adapter system (Intel VGA for energy saving mode and AMD Radeon for “heavy” applications). The problem looks as following: you can use only the drivers from the official website of the laptop’s manufacturer which provides a pack of old versions of drivers for each videocard and doesn’t update them. If you want to update drivers separately using the drivers from VGA manufecterer’s site you cannot switch between graphic adaptors, cannot change the brightness of screen, and overally cannot use your videocards correctly.
I started to investigate how to manage this and found out that this is very widespread problem for the laptops with switchable VGA system and it concerns not only HP laptops of course. Finally the most useful way to solve this problem is to install the pack from this guy And I’m happy how it works, Batlle Brothers have returned to my life :)

Sorry for disturbing you in this thread guys. I hope my topic will help someone who may face with the same problem.