Reply To: Weapon / armor selection

Avatar photoKreuzberger

I also think, you could add more suspense in the arms/armor topic by their availability and also by adding three kind of materials….bronze (ancient stuff), iron (common stuff) and steel (professional/ lordly stuff).

Villages for example never should have steel products in the offer, as producing and smithing steel needs an infrastructure only a big city or fortress should have. Here my other idea about how the map should be sets in, where borderland villages should have yeomen/independant tribes like items to sell like spears, normal bows, saxes, sometimes a short- or broadsword, leather and scale armor of all kind, sometimes a chainmail..all in iron. Inner core villages at the other hand, hard under control by their liegelords and pacified, should only have improvised weaponry like tools of the trade, reworked to be a weapon…a flail, a straight smithed scythe and of course the fork, next to some knifes and saxes. And only cloth armor, maybe some leather.

Cities and big fortresses should sell the whole range, but more orientated to the professional stuff. And the prices should be much much higher. At the momentaneous state of the game, you literally get the good stuff in a minute.