Reply To: Wildmen as enemies

Avatar photoWargasm

I also agree wildmen would make an excellent faction of enemies. In fact, I have my own enjoyment-oriented “Naked Savage” build (no metal armour or shields allowed) that goes something like: Adrenaline – Fast Adaptation – Backstabber – Weapon Mastery (Axe, Mace or Flail) – Hold Out – Berserk – Duellist – Fortified Mind – Pathfinder – Colossus or Steel Brow.

It would also be good if there were high-level “thieves” (as encountered in “retrieve item” contracts) that were built on the attributes of the thieves you can recruit (e.g. Pathfinder – Dodge – Anticipation – Underdog – Footwork – Nimble – Backstabber – Dagger Mastery – Fast Adaptation – Recover).