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    So I bought this game 2 weeks ago and Steam’s telling me I’ve put 134 hours in it already. I left it on when I went to bed several times, but still. Anyway, that’s enough time for me to see that loading hint about suggestions a lot, so I figured I’d give it a shot.
    I saw some recruits had wildman as a background and that led me to hope I’d run into some while wandering the Northern part of the map, but I’m guessing there are none.
    Would wildmen enemy groups be easy enough to implement and would this be interesting enough for people to care?
    I’d obviously like it.
    I’m thinking they’d just be naked people with tattoos, more hp and melee defense, with maybe some of the more violent perks like berserker. Pathfinder would also make sense for them, since they’re naked (well, they’d have pants, but we don’t really see the pants, now, do we?) and would live in rough terrain.
    The tattoo customization options are nice, but they almost never show up. Since they’re already in the game, I figured this would be an easy way to show them off while adding a bit more variety to enemies without too much effort from the devs (hopefully, I actually have no idea how much effort this stuff takes, but I’m guessing it’s quite a bit).

    I’m picturing them a bit like woad warriors or norscans from Warhammer. I got the impression this game was inspired by the setting, seeing how it advertised you could gather a group of beggars, vagabonds and rat catchers in it (which hooked me).

    The groups could have some supernatural elements added to them. Since daemons or mutations would take more effort to implement, I’d settle for some direwolves mixed in, like the norscans with their skinwolves in Warhammer.
    How does that sound (or, well, read)?

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    I agree with having wildmen, I think it’s low-hanging fruit the devs could implement easily.

    A viking sub-faction of bandits would also be cool.
    Classic round-shield chain-mailed small-arms brutes.

    With both less worried about them bringing something unique to the table, I’d be into it just for the visual variety.

    Perhaps for wildmen I’m thinking add wildmen as a massive force of individually ineffective skirmishers.
    Weak reed/bone armour and headdresses, if anything, with some wood/stone/bone/bronze weapons would also be nice though.
    Perhaps with a druid that can empower allies or sap enemies will, and a skin-shifter that can maybe turn an ally into a tank or control an enemy.

    Avatar photoYetAnotherFool

    I agree this kind of enemy sounds awesome!

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I also agree wildmen would make an excellent faction of enemies. In fact, I have my own enjoyment-oriented “Naked Savage” build (no metal armour or shields allowed) that goes something like: Adrenaline – Fast Adaptation – Backstabber – Weapon Mastery (Axe, Mace or Flail) – Hold Out – Berserk – Duellist – Fortified Mind – Pathfinder – Colossus or Steel Brow.

    It would also be good if there were high-level “thieves” (as encountered in “retrieve item” contracts) that were built on the attributes of the thieves you can recruit (e.g. Pathfinder – Dodge – Anticipation – Underdog – Footwork – Nimble – Backstabber – Dagger Mastery – Fast Adaptation – Recover).

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