Reply To: Less Predictable Level-Up Rolls

Avatar photoWargasm

I think, actually, it would be fine if (quite simply) 2-stars talent meant a roll of 2-4 (for melee attack/defence and ranged defence) or 3-5 (almost all the others) or 4-6 (initiative), rather than always 3/4/5. That way, the average would be the same as now, but it would still be less predictable and you’d be more inclined to take a high roll for something else when you only get a 2 for one of the melee/defence skills. I agree, though, that the current way is better than it being utterly random like before.

Another thing is that it would be better if you could level up 4 attributes each time, since being able to improve less than half of them each time is another thing that almost forces un-balance.